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    As an example, the downstream pressure should never fall below the NPSHr of a pump. Perforation size or screen size. The strainer should be slightly smaller than the smallest piece of debris that is expected to flow through it. If the perforations are too small, a high pressure drop could develop across the strainer and cause it to fail.

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    Hellan Strainer Cone Shaped Temporary Strainers are available to fit within 3/4″24″ NPS, schedule XS pipe systems. For removal and cleaning, it is recommended the temporary strainer is installed within a pipepup piece long enough to fully enclose the cone shape.

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    There is little pressure drop when the screen is clean since it is in a straight flow with the pipe. The bottom of the screen cone is to be down stream. See YouTube Video Temporary Strainer Y Strainer. There are two types of strainers, basket and y. The y strainer is normally used where there is a small amount of material to be collected.


    1) Obtain water pressure drop from graphs on appropiate product page. 2) Multiply the pressure drop obtained from (1) by the specific gravity of the liquid. 3) Multiply the pressure drop from (2) by the appropiate correction factor for the mesh liner and/or viscosity.

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    Heavy duty 316 stainless steel temporary cone basket type straine with double mesh outside for reverse flow. With support rings on outter basket to prevent mesh tears/rips under high pressure

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    Instrument Filter Dryers Low Pressure The NGS 1000 is a natural gas scrubber and instrument filter dryer which provides gas filtration for gasfueled alytic heaters. Learn More Gas Scrubber Filters FloDri gas scrubbers remove particles down to 0.5 micron and are designed for gas conditioning appliances, such as instruments and alytic

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    When the filter element and the filter screen are different: Pressure loss seldom changes even if our perforated sheet and filter screen are replaced. However, fine ones and coarse ones are different in the state and progression of clogging. Set a higher safety factor for a finer one. How to calculate the pressure loss of a strainer:

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    Calculation of the Pressure Drop over the Filter Medium and/or the Filter Cake. . 681 Deliquoring by Gas Pressure.. 696 4.1.1. Equilibrium Saturation of Filter Cakes . . . 696 Calculation of the Pressure Drop over the Filter Medium and/or the Filter Cake 2.1.1. Definition of Filter Resistance and

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    Mar 24, 2017 · Download Pressure Drop Calculator for Strainers 1 3 Votes strainer pressure drop calculator basket tee. 4. Well documented pressure loss calculator for use with basket and tee style strainers. Disclaimer: All software provided "AsIs" with no warranty, expressed or implied, available. effluent : natural gas . concerned pipe size: 64",56

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    Pressure Drop Calculations To accurately calculate the pressure loss for filters and strainers in a pipeline, proceed as follows: First calculate pressure loss using Cv factor formula at right Take the pressure loss figure obtained in (1) and recalculate it using the

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    Calculation of the Pressure Drop over the Filter Medium and/or the Filter Cake. . 681 Deliquoring by Gas Pressure.. 696 4.1.1. Equilibrium Saturation of Filter Cakes . . . 696 Calculation of the Pressure Drop over the Filter Medium and/or the Filter Cake 2.1.1. Definition of Filter Resistance and

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    p 2 outlet pressure Absolute pressure at the pipe end Δp pressure drop Pressure difference between pipe start and pipe end q volume flow rate Fluid flow rate in terms of units of volume per unit of time ṁ mass flow rate Fluid flow rate in terms of units of mass per unit of time L pipe length Length of a pipe in which pressure drop

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    High Pressure Conical Gas Strainers Product Description. Extended Duty – Reverse Flow Conical Strainers for Compressed Gas Appliions with High Solid Loading potential. The CRLHP is ideal for long term particulate protection of gas production and distribution systems that have the

  • For example, do not select Strainer model Wyetpe, size say 1/2"1/2" quatity 1 in first column and select the same model type and size in second column with quatity 1 to calculate the pressure drop for two same strainer type with same size. In that case, the pressure drop will only be calculated based on the quantity mentioned in first column.

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    BULLETIN STR9901 PRESSURE DROP DATA "Y" STRAINERS SCREEN CORRECTION FACTORS FOR NONSTANDARD AND MESH LINED SCREENS Multiply values obtained from Figure 1 and 2 by the appropriate values shown below CHART 1 SIZE SCREEN OPENINGS RANGE Perforated Plate Mesh Lined Standard Screens % Screen Material Open Area % Screen Material Open Area

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    Weamco (The First Name in Strainers) has been manufacturing dependable high quality Permanent and Temporary Strainers since 1973. Industries such as Pipelines, Hydrocarbon, Chemical, Power, Gas, Pulp & Paper, Process Plants, and Refineries all over the world have come to depend on Weamco's impeccable service, quality and dependability.

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    Pressure drop or head loss is proportional to the velocity in valves or fittings. For the most engineering practices it can be assumed that pressure drop or head loss due to flow of fluids in turbulent range through valves and fittings is proportional to square of velocity.

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    Titan Flow Control, Inc. also offers downloadable Pressure Drop Charts for your convenience. Click on the images to the right to download the Adobe PDF sheets for Titan FCI's Strainer and Check Valve models. For additional help determining the pressure drop for a Titan

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    Strainers. Pressure Drop Charts for Duplex Strainers Pressure Drop Charts for Basket Strainers Pressure Drop Curve for Screen Clogging Pressure Drop Charts for Y Strainers Screen and Basket Facts Screen Options Magnetic Screen Assembly Information Y Strainer Options Suction Diffusers. Pressure Drop Chart for Suction Diffusers

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    Cyclone calculator solving for pressure drop given gas flow rate, absolute pressure, gas density, temperature and proportionality factor Cyclone Design Equations Formulas Calculator Pressure Drop

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    The purpose of the guideline is to lay down the procedure for estimation of pressure drop across filters/strainers in a piping system. For pressure drop estimation graphs are referred. This graph gives pressure drop based on specific gravity of water 1.0 and viscosity of water 1.0 cP.

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    Pressure Drop Chart SMSPressureDropY Flow Rate – g.p.m. Above based on the flow of clean water through .033" 1⁄ 4" perforated metal screens. Consult our Engineering Department for pressure drop information on steam, gases or viscous fluids. See Theoretical Pressure Drop Curves for Screen Clogging In the Technical Data Section for

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    Simplex, Duplex, YType, Temporary Strainers, Baskets and Screens. Pressure Drop Calculations 29 Pressure Drop Curves with Y strainers used in steam and gas appliions, it's important to consider the quality of the vessel since it's

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