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    Roofgravel removal apparatus – Patent # 4026441 – PatentGenius. This invention relates to a roofgravel removal apparatus including a trailermounted The vacuuming apparatus and associated equipment are loed on the trailer

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    ROOFING TRAILER. Work smarter with the driveable RB4000 lift, designed for roofers, by roofers. From taking the hassle out of debris management to reducing the risk for property damage, its 12foot lift, 4foot rollback feature, and 4,000 lb capacity will change the way you work, get customers, and earn referrals.

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    We then make a single pass to remove all loose and nonembedded rock from the roof surface. Our machines can vacuum all types of roofing aggregates including pea gravel and 1" to 4" ballast rock making wheelbarrows and shovels obsolete. This eliminates the most laborintensive portion of a ballasted singleply tear off. Disposal of rock

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    Roof Cleaning Equipment. The commercial roofing tools and equipment listed below are needed for proper preparation: Stiff bristled hand broom – used for sweeping gravel and loose debris from the roof surface. Power broom – large motorized rotary brush used for thorough sweeping of large commercial roof areas.It weighs 400 to 500 pounds and requires use of a roof hoist.

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    Added benefits of BUR flatroof gravel . Because the gravel holds and releases heat, the layer of gravel on a BUR flat roof can both help water evaporate and keep heat away from the underlying roof structure. The gravel provides a better grip for foot traffic when conducting maintenance or repairs.

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    Going Great Lengths In Industrial and Commercial Roof Preparation, While Bringing You Cost Efficient Service For Your Needs Roof Vac Plus is the first choice in removing rock for your reroof projects. Whether its ballast river rock, or pea gravel from built up roofs, Roof Vac Plus is

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    Tar and gravel roofs sometimes referred to as Conventional Built Up Roofing or BUR roofs, tar and gravel roofing is a system of flat roofing protection that is budgetfriendly and can have a lifespan of up to 30 years. If you have a home with a flat roof, a tar and gravel roof may be a good option for you.

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    Cost of Asphalt Removal – Get Prices Paid and Estimates Costs for doityourself asphalt removal might range from zero to $100 $500 or more depending on local dump/recycling fees how much equipment and the gravel base.

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    RipCart™ is a demolition tool that allows you to make long cuts without hunching or crawling. Just set the blade depth and push RipCart to make long cuts quickly, safely, and easily.

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    Jan 20, 2016 · How to remove moss from an asphalt roof. the company recommends removing tea stains with a nonabrasive cleaner such as Bon Ami or by

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    The RazorBack shingle remover is great for removing shingles and roofing in all conditions. The notched blade is perfect for removing shingles and nails. Angled D

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    Jul 08, 2015 · "Flat" roofs (which usually have a very slight slope) utilize roofing that is completely sealed and therefore impervious to leaking. The standard roofing for this situation is built up from layers of hot tar and thick roofing felt and topped with a layer of gravel this is called builtup roofing.

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    Our Rock ballast vacuuming services will remove all 0.75" to 2.5" river rock from singleply roofs. By removing ballast this way rather than traditional shovels, wheelbarrows, and chutes, you remove the most laborintensive portion of ballasted singleply tearoffs. This saves you time, labor, injuries, and is significantly cleaner.

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    The problem is that tar and gravel roofing do not handle multiple layers very well, and walking on a tar and gravel roof for maintenance purposes harms it further. Generally, removal of the existing tar and gravel roofing is mandatory, and this is a complied, costly process.

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    To complete the job after cutting, use the Super TearOff Bar. It is equipped with a hardened steel blade, steel wheels and heavy duty construction. Simply ram it under old roofing, push down on the handle and remove the old roof!

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    Welcome to Garlock Equipment Co. your online source for Roofing Equipment and Supplies. Since 1959, Garlock has been filling the needs of commercial roofing contractors with quality equipment that gets the job done. Garlock continues this tradition today

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    The NRCA estimates that about 70,000 roof removal jobs are done annually (excluding fourunit or less residential structures) .2 Based on data collected from its membership,3 the NRCA estimates the percentages of all roofing projects that are reroofing (with roof removal), recovering (without removal), and new construction.

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    PRODUCT: Roofmaster 10.5 HP SuperScratcher / Roof Spud Machine. Price/Each. (leadtime 23 days use FreighQuote Shipping) DESCRIPTION: All Rotary Action Spudding Machines feature single lever adjustable cutting height, inset rear wheel for closeup work, pulley enclosed in safety shroud and 8x2.50 semipneumatic tires. 12" solid steel flywheel with four carbidetipped scratcher teeth will spud

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    Amazon also provides an array of snow shovels for keeping walkways, stairs, and smaller spaces clear of snow, as well as snow rakes and deicing cables for removing excess snow from roofs and gutters. Snow removal will help snow melt.

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    When reroofing ballasted singleply systems or inverted roof membrane systems, roofers are faced with the task of removing the river rock ballast from these roofs. VacItAll Services, Inc. can greatly reduce the cost of ballast removal from these systems. Learn More

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    Shop Snow + Ice Removal Equipment. Browse from our large selection of snow and ice removal equipment, including salt spreaders, snow blowers, deicers, roof rakes, snowplow blades, snowplow accessories, shovels, torch kits, and much more!Our reputable brands know how to tackle snow and ice.

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    Jul 21, 2009 · Re: Removing old Built Up roofing Need suggestions Roofers have special expensive machines that cut and lift the roof that make it worth you while to hire one. I have removed small sections of old roofs and do not want to try it again. If you hire one have them core samples so everyone knows what they are getting/paying for.

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    Sep 14, 1993 ·ಊ. Roof gravel gathering apparatus for removing gravel of mixed diameter from a roof surface and discharging it into a transport device positioned along side, said apparatus comprising: (a) a self propelled carriage, said carriage being operable in response to command from an operator loed in an operator's position relative to said carriage

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    Home > Roofing Tools and Accessories > Demolition Tools > Scrapers and Spudders. Scrapers and Spudders. Ideal for removing old roofng, mopped down trouble spots, slag and gravel, and eliminating fasteners. Removes gravel and slag Ideal for mopped down trouble spots Removes old roofing Shears off fastenings Prehardened blades for longer