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    With the HeliCalculator App you can calculate parameters for your electric rc helicopter. Basicly the app has the following calculations: Main rotor speed calculation Gear Calculation Run duration (who long can i fly with this setup) Air speed Area loading Centrifugal force

  • Fixed Asset Depreciation Software for CPA's and

    Depreciation Calculator . If you are looking for an affordable fixed asset depreciation program that calculates depreciation using both tax and GAAP (financial statement) depreciation methods and produces easy to read depreciation schedules, then our Depreciation Calculator software is an excellent choice. Other depreciation programs have a significant learning curve to use them however,

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    PLUS Bend Allowance Calculation software, which automatically calculates the total flat length of bent component, after the user has fed all the necessary information regarding the bent component, at the click of a button the flat length of the component is calculated.

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    Free Demos What's the best way to find out if AFT software is right for you? Why a demo of course! Our demos are working copies of the actual software with specific limitations. When the demo is started you will have three options: Build and run any model with a maximum of five pipes.

  • Wooden Clocks: Gear design software

    eMachineShop is a Free 2D drawing package with a module for drawing gears, easy to use, you simply add the basic gear parameters and it draws the gear which can then be exported as a DXF file. The program is free but unlike the first two programs it lacks the facility to see to the main gear and the pinion onscreen at the same time.

  • Sophistied Software for Solid Gear Design : Modern

    Sep 01, 2015 · Sophistied Software for Solid Gear Design. vibrationfree, quietrunning mechanical device. Gears come in many different pair types, in all diameters and thicknesses, and they're made of a variety of materials. They don't even have to be circular. Additional chamfer can be part of the gear design calculation. Both fulldepth

    Author: Lawrence S. Gould
  • MITCalc Spur Gear Calculation 1.18 free download for

    MITCalc Spur Gear Calculation download the latest version for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32bit and 64bit). Geometric design and strength check of spur gear with straight and helical toothing. Get MITCalc Spur Gear Calculation old versions and alternatives.

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    It is like having a virtual gear factory on your computer that can create real and precice spur gears from your data input. You just select the pitch, pressure angle, number of teeth, width, and insertion point, click and Badog Gear Designer will create a 2D entity of the gear or matched set of gears selected.

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    ZAR6 (698 kB) This is a demo version of the ZAR6 Bevel Gear Calculation Software ZARXP (540 kB) This is a demo version of the ZARXP Involute Profile Software ZAR1W (821 kB) This is a demo version of the ZAR1W Gear Dimension Software GEO1 (604 kB) This is a demo version of the GEO1 Software for calculation of profiles and crosssections

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    Jul 18, 2018 · For cylindrical gears, the software also works with planetary sets and gear racks. In addition to a feature for reviewing calculations with respect to standards (ISO, DIN, AGMA, VDI, Klingenberg), the program also offers a number of different design and optimization functions. Sizing calculations for shafts and bearings are integrated, i.e.

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    Spur Gear Calculator mac software free downloads and reviews at WinSite. Free Mac Spur Gear Calculator Shareware and Freeware.

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    Geometric design and strength check of bevel gear with with straight, helical and curved toothing. Appliion is developed in MS Excel, is multilanguage and supports Imperial and Metric units and solves the following main tasks: Calculation of.

  • Delgear

    Delgear software download . The below install package will guide you through the initialization process. Download Delgear install package (August 2016) Delgear technology and software are the result of over 25 years of development into a unified methodology for gear design and manufacture.

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    Plus version includes Rear Suspension, handling analysis, and total vehicle calculations. Download and run in Demo mode for FREE. If you like it, call Performance Trends with credit card information to activate all features for $99.95, $149.95 for the Plus version.

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    Worm Gear Calculator mac software free downloads and reviews at WinSite. Free Mac Worm Gear Calculator Shareware and Freeware.

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    Try EXCELLENT gear design software today! If you have purchased an activation code, enter it now. Otherwise, click the "Request evaluation code" button.

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    Download Source Code. Here's the best part. Every line of source code for this project is available under the GPL license. Cockpit builders, researchers, doityourselfers, industry groups, and students will all find FlightGear very open, very flexible, very adaptable, and very interfacable.

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    Downloads. Demo version » KISSsoft 03/2018 exe Demo version for a first impression. The demo software with functional restrictions. It is thought for a first impression of our software. Test version Salome and Code_Aster are used for FEM calculations. Documents. You will find various documents in the menu tree to the left:

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    JOIN MORE THAN 1200 ENGINEERS WORLWIDE SIGNUP FOR OUR Free Demo Downloads DeepEX 2018 DeepEX is the ultimate software for deep excavation design Secant pile walls

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    Support for currency units in calculations, through a new "Money" dimension. The [Esc] key now interrupts calculation during worksheet save, print, and print preview operations. γ is now defined as Euler's Constant. In addition, support for certain features has been depreed in this release.

  • MITCalc Mechanical, Industrial and Technical

    Mechanical engineering calculation package includes solutions for gear, belt and chain drives, springs, beam, shaft, bolt connection, shaft connection, tolerances and many others. The calculations are compatible with many types of 2D and 3D CAD systems (AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD, TurboCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks) and support both Imperial and Metric units and are processed

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    Wrightsoft is the leading provider of HVAC load calculation, design and sales tools to the HVAC contractor. RightSuite Universal is the only integrated Residential and Commercial HVAC software available on the market today! Visit for a FREE HVAC software download or to learn about Upgrades for existing customers!

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    The components are placed on a flat workspace. Several components can be placed on a single axis, leading to a third dimension. Detail, profile and 3D views give a

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    Jan 03, 2000 · Matrix Calculations (Matrx) is a pluginmodule for the admaDIC Calculator. It offers simple calculations for matrices with an easy to use interface. The data may be transferred by Copy&Paste to and from spreadsheet software and all data is preserved.